Virgin Games Casino Games that Need / Do not Need To Be Downloaded

Virgin Games Casino Games that Need / Do not Need To Be Downloaded

This promotion is on offer until the 28th that will win the European final to win up to ?4000. To be eligible, players must wager ? on slots or habanero casino? on poker or bingo games between 23rd-27th . Players can also join in on the promotion by wagering ? on casino and live casino games. The full terms and conditions that relate to the offer are detailed on the Virgin Games website on the ‘Current Promotions’ page.

Super Links Bingo Promotion

This is another bingo promotion offered by the casino and gives players a chance to play for guaranteed bingo prizes worth over ?20,000 daily. The offer is available between and each day and players can win between ? to ?1,000 every half hour. Full details and terms and conditions are written on the casino website and can be accessed under the ‘Current Promotions’ page.

No download is required for any of the games on offer at Virgin Games online casino. Players are able to play online without the need for additional software. The games on offer range from live casino games to live poker games, slots, table games and bingo. These can all be accessed without the need for download and the website hosts an array of live rooms and tables.

Virgin Games Live Casino – Availability and Quality of the Live Casino

Virgin Games offer live games for a more immersive gaming experience, this involves playing against live dealers or other players. The live range on offer includes Blackjack, Roulette and Casino Hold’em.

Live Blackjack

The live Blackjack tables allow players to bet between ?1.00 and ?5,000 and offer chips sizes to suit all players. The chips that are available range from ?1.00 and ? and the game is played like regular online Blackjack. Players are prompted to choose a screen name in order to play live games, they are then asked to select the table that they wish to play on. A range of tables are on offer and allow players to select a table that matches their budget. Players can also interact with the dealers using the ‘chat’ feature and the dealers are displayed using high definition live cameras. Tables are displayed and digital chips are used to bet on the tables providing a realistic experience. The casino also offers VIP tables for high rollers wishing to use the live facilities.

Live Roulette

The live roulette tables on offer by Virgin Games live casino are operated using high definition and slow-motion cameras. The slow-motion cameras allow players a precise view of the roulette wheel and the dealers are displayed using live HD cameras. The chip size available on these games is between ?1.00 and ?, unlike live Blackjack, players can bet between ?1.00 and ?25,000 on a single spin. The live game works the same as regular online roulette, however, there are time limits that need to be adhered to before placing a bet. Players must ensure that their bets are placed during the countdown for open bets to ensure that the bet is valid. Bets are placed on a digital version of the table and the dealer will prompt players when it is time to place a bet. French bets can also be made on the live roulette tables. The tables also incorporate a chat feature so players are able to interact with the dealers on the tables.

Live Casino Hold’em

The Live Casino Hold’em game is based on Texas Hold’em poker, players play against the dealer in this live game as opposed to other opponents on the table. The casino uses HD live cameras for an immersive experience and players can bet between ?1.00 and ?1,000 on a single hand. Chip sizes range between ?1.00 and ? and bets are made on the table similar to live Blackjack. Players are able to interact with the dealer using the ‘chat’ feature as with the other live games that are available on the website.

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