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Anne Mackie was a widow with four children from her marriage when she began a relationship with a younger man named James Gray. However, when she revealed her pregnancy to him he refused to marry her and she strangled the child at birth.37 Agnes McCallum had given birth to an illegitimate infant at the age of 16 but the child was left in the care of the father in Greenock when she moved to Paisley to work as a bleacher. At the age of 30 she had given birth to another child but in this case the father was a married man. When the infant was five months old she had asked him for more money to pay for a nurse and when he refused she poisoned the child with vitriol. In Agnes’ case the financial implications of having no male support were crucial in her motive for the murder.

  • It provides a statistical summary of candidates, MPs, MSPs, and party affiliations, complementing previous work, and tracks incremental gains in women’s representation over time.
  • The doctors at Royaumont dealt with patients from the Western Front and undertook pioneering research on the use of X-ray technology able to diagnose gas gangrene infections earlier than bacteriological reports and before the presentation of symptoms.
  • The Communist Party of Great Britain established itself in Scotland from 1920, maintaining a stronger presence than elsewhere in Britain.
  • Scottish singer Lena Zavaroni is an example of how harmful unregulated childhood stardom can be.

As Henrietta claimed she was pregnant her sentence was delayed for a sufficient time to secure her a pardon on condition of banishment. Similar efforts were made, but failed, to secure a pardon for Jean Craig, whose case was detailed in the discussion of the 1780s as a peak period of executions in Chap.

It’s very much a catalogue to accompany the exhibition in that it’s really an introduction to each artist–nothing too in depth. But as an introduction and a place where these artists are all collected together it’s great. Only recently bought, but I look forward to reading on many of these women in more depth, and seeing more of their works after finishing this first.

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Although some policy interests of earlier women MPs are noted here, there has been no systematic research into the careers of Scottish women MPs which would enable an assessment of their support for legislation and policies particularly affecting women. In general, UK government policies that have underpinned progress towards gender equality – whether explicitly or resulting from broader reforms promoting social equality – have tended to be enacted by the Labour Party.

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All the features of appearance give the Scots a special uniqueness and talk about the noble origin. Also, emphasizes the refinement and slim, slender figure, which gave the Scots the ancient Celts.

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The regional lists are compiled by the parties, and where candidates are placed on the list is key to their likelihood of being elected. The distribution of a party’s support also makes decisions about how they allocate candidates between constituencies and lists of crucial importance to the outcome for particular candidates.

After the war, female sculptors, including Gertrude Alice Meredith Williams, were involved in the Scottish National War Memorial which opened in 1927. Three years earlier, the Society of Scottish Women Artists had been established in Edinburgh. A quick glance through any list of famous people from Scotland will often demonstrate a heavy gender bias toward men. This is in some ways unsurprising, given that these lists are often based on old history books, which were written at a time when women’s achievements were foolishly overlooked in favour of white men who all seem to have big moustaches.

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They prefer democratic style in clothes, convenient and comfortable things. Scotswomen by appearance wish to emphasize the nobility of their origin and their proximity to the legendary ancestors. The Scottish beauties successfully participate in beauty contests, at the same time they actively are engaged also in social job, professional career. The upheavals of the seventeenth century saw women autonomously participating in radical religion. They were later said to have been led by Edinburgh woman Jenny Geddes. A. Houston, women probably had more freedom of expression and control over their spiritual destiny in groups outside the established church such the Quakers, who had a presence in the country from the mid-seventeenth century. The principle of male authority could be challenged when women chose different religious leaders from their husbands and fathers.

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  • This research gives a true picture of the way inequalities continue to have a negative impact on girls’ lives in Scotland.
  • Identifying that there is a lack of female presence is the sport of boccia Scottish Disability Sport in partnership with the Sport Scotland’s Women and Girls fund have created the ‘Girls in Boccia’ campaign to engage more females into the sport.
  • It means fair, and has maintained its popularity in Scotland for decades.

This was a 100 percent boys’ name until celebs Jason Sehorn and Angie Harmon bestowed it on their daughter, recently followed by Lisa Marie Presley, who used it for one of her twins. In Scotland, top girl names include Eilidh, Maisie, Skye, and Iona, all ranking in the Top 100. Along with Isla and Paisley, Scottish girl names ranking in the US Top 1000 include Allison, Elsie, Maisie, Mackenzie, and Rowan. Unique Scottish girl names worth considering include Iona, Mirren, and Lillias.

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Also the name of a saint, Flora has long been a favorite in Scotland where it was the name of the young heroine who helped Bonnie Prince Charlie make his way to France. Florence, Fiorella, Fleur, and Flower are translations, but we like Flora best of all. Scottish girl names are a lovely bunch, including choices that a very familiar to American ears, such as Isla and Fiona, as well as names that have yet to cross over, like Elspeth and Eilidh. Some of the biggest stars in Scottish sport have voiced their support for the fifth annual Scottish Women and Girls in sport week which gets underway tomorrow. Just type in any name for a quick look at how the popularity of that name has changed over the years. Boris JohnsonThe embattled Prime Minister is waiting on the publication this week of a report into partygate which could pile more pressure on him to resign. Taking place on Thursday 29th October from 6pm to 7pm, clubs across Scotland are invited to attend and get their questions ready as we talk all things women’s cricket as part of our Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week.

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If none of these names are the perfect fit for your new arrival, why not try ourbaby name generator? You could also go for a pretty Irish baby name, an autumnal one or even something more gender-neutral. Paisley- The home town of Gerard Butler, your daughter will surely have great taste with this Scottish baby girl name. Meaning church, Paisley is hugely popular not only for its Scottish roots but also as the name of a rich Indian fabric and as the surname of country singer Brad Paisley. Many of the most popular names in Scotland right now are similar to those in England according to the National Records of Scotland, with Isla, Olivia and Emily taking the top three girls name spots in popularity in Scotland in 2020. Once you have registered, please ensure your parent/guardian completes our player consent form below and return it to Mike Bruce, Team Manager by 17th December 2022 at The form is an interactive PDF, no printing is required. Download and save the file, complete and save the form, then email Mike on the address above.

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In Jenny Colgan’s «The Fringes,» a hapless heroine heads to the Edinburgh «Fringe» — a massive theatrical and musical festival — for a night of her own disastrous drama. Isla Dewar offers up «In the Garden of Mrs. Pink,» one woman’s look back at her girlhood and the life lessons she learned from an eccentric neighbor. In Muriel Gray’s «School-Gate Mums,» a single mother with killer instincts settles the score with one of the mothers at her son’s school. Whether they’re racing their flatmates in a weight-loss contest, reconnecting with long-lost friends, or grappling with the men in their lives, these daughters of Scotland prove that no one can top their audacious spirit and Highland charm. Some people just don’t like it when you randomly add them on facebook if you don’t know them in real life, but that doesn’t mean they’re rude and you certainly can’t just generalise all scottish girls based on your experience with just a few. Also if you have no mutual friends on facebook it’s a bit creepy if you add them, well that’s just what I think anyway. We are still in the initial stages of our project, but we have appointed a Boccia Development Officer, as well as creating a brand and logo that will be used to spearhead our project via our website and social media platforms.

Initially these were aimed at the girls of noble households, but by the eighteenth century there were complaints that the daughters of traders and craftsmen were following their social superiors into these institutions. By the eighteenth century many poorer girls were being taught in dame schools, informally set up by a widow or spinster to teach reading, sewing and cooking.

Unlike in England, where kinship was predominately cognatic , in Scotland kinship was agnatic, with members of a group sharing a common ancestor. Women retained their original surname at marriage, symbolising that they did not join their husband’s kin, and marriages were intended to create friendship between kin groups, rather than a new bond of kinship. Normally marriage followed handfasting, a period of betrothal, which in the Highlands may have effectively been a period of trial marriage, in which sexual activity may have been accepted as legitimate.